Sheikh lla’ Ud Din Ali

He was the son of Sheikh Shams-ud-Din Muhammad. He had three sons: Sayyed Shams-ud-Din whose name has been noted as Shams-ud-din Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ila’-ud-Din by the writer of Kalaid-ul-Jawahir. The name of the second was Sayyed Badar-ud-Din Hasan and the third was Sayyed Noor-ud- Din Hussain. Sayyed Badar-ud-Din Hasan has two sons, Sayyed Ahmad Abu-ul-Abbas and Sayyed Shams-ud-Din Muhammad. Sayyed Ahmad Abu-ul-Abbas had two sons, Sayyed Abdul Basit and Sayyed Abu-ul Najah. Both died in Hamah and were buried there. Sayyed Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Bin Sayyed Badar-ud-Din Hasan had a son named Sayyed Abd-ul-Razzaq who was a great Sheikh of his tie. He was born in Hamah’ and was buried there. Sheikh Ila’-ud-Din Ali died on Thursday 24th Jamadi-ul- Aakhir, 793 AH in Cairo (Egypt) and was buried there.