Sheikh lla’ Ud Din Ali Al Hashmi

He was son of Sayyed Shahab-ud-Din Ahmad and among his children’s are named Syedah Mujallah, Syedah Nuzha, Sayyed Sheikh Jalal-ud-Din, Sayyed Sheikh Yahyah and Sayyed Sheikh Ahmad. According to Miftah-ul-A’refin by Sayyed Afif-ud-Din Hussain Shah, another son Sayyed Muhammad Hussain shah was also born. After the recitation of the Holy Quran, he learnt Hadith and Fiqah. From travels to Egypt, Syria, Arabia and Hulb, he gained a lot from the Holy saints. He had a large number of disciples. He had a great respect among great and small. He was the youngest of his parents, but gained the highest status. People gained a lot from his scholarship. Many of his descendants still live in Hamah.