Sheikh Abu Nasr Muhammad Bin Abu Saleh Nasr

Born in Baghdad, he received his early education from his father and also studied Hadith with Hasan Bin Ali Bin Murtaza al-Alvee. Abu Ishaq Yousaf Bin Abi Ha’mid, Abu-ul-Fazal Muhammad Bin Umar Armavee.

Ibn-e-Rajab notes in his Tabqat that he was a grand scholar and a pious man. He remained busy in education in the school of his ancestor and spent his life in scholarship. He was a researcher, teacher and scholar of Hadith of the highest order. For this he was appointed Mufti of Iraq. When his father was Qazi-ul-Quzzat, he was given the place of a justice in the capital, but he sat in his court only once and then resigning from his post started teaching in the school at Ba’b-ul-Uzj. Later, due to his piousness he refused the post of Qazi-ul-Quzzat. Hafiz Damyatee and many others learnt Hadith from him. He resembled his ancestor the Ghaus-ul-A’zam.

He died on 12, Shawal 656 Ah and was buried in the courtyard of the school of Sheikh Abdul Qadir He had three sons, Sheikh Abdul Qadir the second, Sheikh Abdullah and Sheikh Zaheer-ud-Din Masood Ahmad. The writer of Tadkara-e-Masha’ikh-e-Qadriah Rizviah has noted the name of the fourth son, Sayyed Ali.