Sayyed Sharf Ud Din Qasim

Son of Sayyed Mohi-ud-Din Yahyah, he was great leader of saints of the Qadriah order and enjoyed great reputation in Hamah and Syria. He accomplished an excellent training of his disciples. He used to offer much sacrifices (sadqat) of material as well as of spirit. He never gave up the recitation of Holy Quran. His mottos were common talk. The writer of Qala’id-ul-Jawa’hir says, “I, too, visited him with my father in 910 Ah at which time he was more than fifty. Among his children were Sayyed Shahab-ud-Din Ahmad, Sayyed Shams-ud-Din Muhammad, Sayyed Abdul Qadir, Sayyed Sheikh Abu-ul-Barka’t and Sayyed Sheikh Muhammad Abu-ul-Wafa