Sayyed Muhammad Anwar Shah

(Custodian of the Shrine of Sayyed Badshah)

Born in1378 Hijri (1957 AD) in Muhallah Meer lama! Shah, Koocha-e-Baghdadia, Peshawar he received his early education from his father and grandfather while his spiritual training was undertaken by Sayyed Badshah his grandfather. For worldly education, he got admission in a school but his inclination was towards religious education. He passed Tanzeem-ul-Madaris examination with distinction. He devoted himself to the propagation of religion. At the age of 13, he was deputed successor to Sayyed Badshah. Using all his energies he put himself to the preaching of religion, he took after Sayyed Badshah in both body and soul and is a peace-giving presence. He is an embodiment of modesty and the Sunnah of the prophet. He has long wavy hair flowing to his shoulders, fair complexion and a beard according to Sunnah and wears the turban given by Sayyed Badshah and the Ghousia robe on his body. He is a living embodiment of love and the manners of the Holy Prophet, stands up to welcome all young and old proving that he has inherited humility from his forefathers. Every year he goes abroad on a preaching tour, visiting the holy Ghousia Shrines and after the pilgrimages to Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria, he visits the house of God and the shrine of the Holy Prophet. A group of disciples accompanies him. He speaks Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Saraiki, Pashto and Punjabi in a very impressive and an enchanting manner. He recites the Holy Quran in a very beautiful accent. The people of D.I.Khan say that if one wishes to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran, he should go to Sidra Shareef. Many people offer their morning prayers after him. After the Fajr prayers, he leads the recitation of Zikre-lulli, every word coming out of his mouth goes straight to the hearts. For a long time, he has lived in his family residence made of mud but has got built a beautiful hall and furnished rooms for his guests. He usually tours the Punjab in August. He arranges the celebrations of the Holy Eleventh with zeal. A large number of disciples gather in Lahore Baghdadi House while scholars from all over the country visit to offer their tributes to the Ghaus-ul-Azam. With the blessings of God, a large mosque is being built beside Baghdadi House where religious education, which is distinctive characteristics of the Qadriah order, will be arranged. He also arranges the Ghaus-ul-Azam conference, usually held in Al-Hamra or Jinnah Hall, Lahore where scholars read their thesis on the life and teachings of Sheikh Abd-ul-Qadir Mani. After which he addresses the congregation.

He has made a pact with God and the Holy Prophet to reforms the Muslims Ummah and to preach their religion and advice good and stop from evil. From early age, he had to face difficulties, miseries, objections and taunting from rivals, but he faced them boldly terminating and defeating the plans of the unbelieving. Today, a road leads to Sidra Shareef, and water is abundantly available to the pilgrims. He has no interest in politics and he is devoted to the propagation and victory of the religion of the Holy Prophet. May God continue his blessed stay with us for a long time to come.