Sayyed Ahmad Shah Jilani

He was the only son of Sayyed Gul Bad Shah Jilani, a nephew of Sayyed Bad Shah Jilani and the father of the present custodian of the Holy Shrine at Sidra Sharif, Sayyed Muhammad Anwar Gilani. He was born in 1336 Hijri in Peshawar and was only 6 years old when his father passed away. Therefore he was brought up under the spiritual benevolence of Sayyed Badshah. He liked to be alone and remained busy in praying. A strict adherent of the shariya, he spent most of the time in meditation and spiritual exercises and had little socializing, though he was full of humility and love for the people. Sayyed Badshah, the saint of the time, offered him his successor-ship but he refused. Therefore it was offered to the present custodian Sayyed Muhammad Anwar Shah Jilani. On 29th Muharram, 1404 Hijri (05-11-1983) on Saturday, he departed from this world. A few hours before his demise he asked some Hafizes of the Quran to start reciting it and then gave some instructions as his will to his children. Then he ordered his disciples to start reciting the holy verses of the Qadriah order, himself joined the gathering and thrice calling “Allah” passed away. He had 5 sons and 4 daughters of whom Sayyed Muhammad Shah Jilani is settled in Peshawar while Sayyed Tajamul Hussain Shah, Sayyed Munawar Hussain Shah, Sayyed Muhammad Anwar Shah Jilani, (the custodian of the Sidra Sharif) is settled in Sidra Sharif. He stayed in Sidra Sharif for 7 years and preached the religion of God and distributed spiritual blessings and gifts to his disciples